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WSSC Building Remains Threatened

Plans for a development that would demolish the former Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC) Headquarters in Hyattsville, Maryland are back before the Hyattsville City Council again. The City Council voted to not support the Magruder Pointe development conceptual site plan and related zoning changes just last month. But the developer, Werrlein Properties, revised their application and proposed a different zoning approach. The change sends the conceptual site plan review back to the City on July 16. Prince George's County has the ultimate say over the proposed zoning changes, and in turn the fate of the WSSC building. The County Planning Board will review the application on July 26, followed by the County Council, possibly in September.

A group of citizens called Save Our Sustainable Hyattsville (SOS Hyattsville) continue to oppose the development. Read more about their opposition to the development and sign their petition here.

WSSC Building in Hyattsville, MD. Photos by Lucy Moore.




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